6Ye Premium Dolls quality

What Makes 6Ye Premium Dolls So Great? quality!

1. Patented Skeleton
All claim their dolls have lifelike skeleton, but their limbs can only move up and down, left and right. Only 6Ye Premium dolls’ skeleton can move flexibly, especially like human circular motion. That’s one of important premium dolls quality aspect. Please check out here for our skeletons. 

2.  Pleasant smell (will be odourless after washing)
All advice that their dolls do not have any smell. However, they still inevitably have the plastic TPE smell when they arrive. Only 6Ye Premium dolls have a natural great smell. We use premium TPE formula only. 

​3. Durability
We have a unique formula on our dolls, make our dolls very durable. Many of the others easily tear when you pose them around for sex or photography. This issue will rarely happen on our dolls. If you are a vendor prefer a weak doll to sell more glue for profit, our dolls are not for you.

4.  Highly Realistic and Detailed
Please checkout the realistic labia and anus pictures of our dolls on Homepage. None  of the other TPE doll manufacturers are great into details like we do.  

5. Our Very New Head Connector! 
We understand the pain of swivelling a doll head to connect it with its body. It’s unrealistic, painful to look at and a nightmare if it’s stuck! We’ve therefore created a new connector! Just place the head on it’s neck, and they’re connected! Check it out here.

It’s hard to tell from pictures and text, if you’ve ever seen our dolls in real and compare with the others, you will see the great difference! You pay what you get!

Quality Check Report

6Ye Premium is one of pioneers producing premium quality sex dolls with TPE. Our dolls are known to be high-quality, yet affordable price. 

Final Products without photoshop

6YE Premium Sex Dolll Gallery
​We Strive to Produce The World Class Dolls

We have over 6 years of experience in sex dolls production activity. The quality of our dolls are on a par with many leading brands.