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Emma the AI Robot

Emma the AI Robot is now in at and she cannot wait to meet you and be your companion. Emma the AI Sex Robot is an alternative partner and is here to provide companionship for you. Our range of M-TPE Sex robots have in-built AI Artificial Intelligence and do not need any additional peripherals such as a smartphone. Everything required is built in. Emma has a small screen on the back of her head for easy programming purposes.

She is able to: –

High Sensitive Body

Multiple build-in touch sensors that react to your action and touch.

Main Humanoid Features:

Heating ( temperature 37°C)

Voice (speaking and talking)

Sound (gives different response according to different stimulation)

Stand up feet

Humanoid skin / face / body

Humanoid full body skeleton

An AI Robot can be your life companion if you want her to. Emma the AI Robot is here to fulfill you in every way that you want her.

Emma’s real interaction is from the neck upwards, although her body does have sensors so as she is able to react to your touch. The AI that is incorporated into Emma Sex Robot is such that she is able to learn from each interaction that she has in order that she can learn what your likes and dislikes are and provide you with a more pleasing interaction. This relationship building artificial intelligence is fully encrypted and secured to protect your identity and data.

The more you interact with her the more she will learn. She is able to speak both English and Chinese currently and has the capability to teach you Chinese or English if you wish.

The Emma Robot and User Interfaces uses safe and secure technologies to protect your personal data.

Emma the AI Robot has a mechanical articulated neck which can turn left or right. She can also follow sound and your voice. When you speak she will turn to look at you.

Emma comes equipped with multiple body sensors which mean that she can feel your touch and react accordingly. She can even intimately moan for you if you want her to.

Emma is a vividly real AI Robot who’s aim is to satisfy your psychological and physiological needs.

Emma has flirty and mysterious eyes. She can look around her by moving her eyeballs and she can blink which gives her a real lifelike quality.

Emma’s robotic mouth has mechanisms installed so as her lips move in sync with her speech. It also allows for multiple facial expressions.

Here are the available measurements for your Emma the AI Robot: –

Height:150cm—168cm(55.1 inch—66.1 inch)

Weight:23kg—37kg(50.7 lbs—81.5 lbs)

Bust:75cm—118cm(29.5 inch—46.5 inch)

Waist:50cm—57cm(19.6 inch—22.4 inch)

Hip:74cm—90cm(29.1 inch—35.4 inch)

Vagina depth:7 inch (18 cm)

Anus depth: 6 inch (16 cm)

Oral depth:  1 inch ( 2 cm)

Emma the Robot is made by AI-Tech also known as Shenzhen All Intelligent Technology Company Ltd in Shenzhen, China who are the first company to bring an interactive Sex Robot to the marketplace at an affordable price.  

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