Z-Onedoll documentation

Heating and Sound (Z-Onedoll)


Let’s talk more about Z-onedoll.

1. Heating & Sound with App control system for 145cm-170cm dolls


2. Heating & Sound system for 111cm-120cm small dolls(A25 and A40 heads can with App control)

Daily care (Z-Onedoll)

1. About clothing—Put the clothes on the test adhesive and keep pressing for more than 1 hours, if the he test adhesive is stained by color,then the clothes are not suitable. The doll should be dusted with talcum powder before clothing,as the surface of silicon is sticky.If any static,please use electrostatic spray properly to get rid of it.

Please don’t bend the arms too high,which may cause silicone fractures.

The head of your sex doll should be removed from the body before putting upper clothes.

If the trousers or socks are too tight, please try again after dusting talcum powder on the legs or feet.In order to protect the silicon,please do not put any clothes with sharp edges.

You can use needles to pierce on the silicone before wearing earrings or other jewelry.But the hole can’t exceed diameter 0.5mm,nor can it

nor can it be cut with a knife or sharp object.To prevent silicone fractures,please don’t pull after wearing.

Please do not put on tight clothes, long squeezing will cause fractures or deformation of silicone body.

If the clothes is not fit,please don’t force it.Try to use custom doll clothing.


2. About maintenance—The oil will come out from time to time on the surface of silicone dolls after long time keeping,which is normal,as the there is silicone oil in the silicone formulations.Please use a towel to wipe it gently.

If there are any stains on the doll surface, please wipe it with soap water gently for many times.Don’t use any corrosive cleaning agents,including strong acid, strong alkali liquid,strong sterilizing liquid and decontamination agent. Antibacterial soap,laundry detergent, shower gel and other cleaning materials are suggested.Then dust the doll with talcum powder when the surface is dry.


3.About Postures—There will be wrinkles on the surface after long-time bent posture of the doll joints.The reason is that it is placed for a long time with improper posture.For example,transverse striation may appear on the doll belly after long-time sitting in a chair;But the doll is with rebound resilience itself,when it is not in use,you can put the doll into original factory posture,which will reduce the force of each joint and wrinkles will reduce gradually afterwards.


4.About make-up—The make-up of the doll at the factory is finished by silicone paint, generally it will not fade away, but do not wipe hard, especially the face,eyebrows and eyelashes. If you wipe it so hard,the hair will fall or fade away and it will be difficult to repair. You can use some general make-up cosmetics, such as lipstick, blush, but please don’t use too thick ointment cosmetics, which will be difficult to clean. Please use makeup remover to cleanse the doll gently.


Accessaries (Z-Onedoll)

Wig,gloves,comb,clothes,syringe,USB warmer,etc.