Information before BUYING custom ILdoll

Before customizing

Please read information below before buying:

  • Please note that there are four kinds of products for each size, classic silicone, classic TPE, as well as H.R. silicone and H.R. TPE. As for the price, H.R. series is higher than classic series and silicone is higher than TPE. Painting is the only difference between classic series and H.R. series and material is the only difference between silicone products and TPE products. The rest parts, such as shape of body and skeleton, are the same.
  • Here are some photos we make for your reference.

Size of heads and bodies. It is known that the proper proportion of a body is 7.5-8..5 times as the head.

Important information before buying

Therefore each head suits some bodies while each body suits some heads. C1, C3 and C5 is technically only for 105 as the diameter of the neck is smaller than other heads. Others suit all bodies except 105, technically. For example, C15 is suitable for bodies from 135 cm to 160 cm while it still suits 162 and 170 technically.

Please choose 1-2 heads or bodies and consider another in case of being messed.

  1. Softness of materials

If you have special request about the sense of touching, we may provide:

1)  Slow-resilience silicone: aims more on against dent and deformation but is harder sense of touching. This satisfies people who use and maintain it less often.

2)  Fast-resilience silicone: also known as general skin-like silicone. Better sense of touching but more weight. This satisfies people use and replace it more often.

3)  Weight reduction: strict weight control. Sense of touching gets harder increasingly when pushing. This satisfies people who aim to photos and appearance.

4)  Super soft silicone (charge): softness enhanced but less durability, which means high risk of deformation and tearing. This satisfies people who stay by it more often but use it less often. Mostly he would be an experienced owner of it.

Particularly, we also provide heating option for silicone products. However, with such option, it will be as heavy as TPE.

Besides, we also provide super soft for TPE products as a charge option. However, it leaks more oil and is less durable.

Enjoy shopping!