NEW Ariel 140cm TPE life size Sex doll by Piper doll

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Meet life size doll Ariel:


life size sex doll

NEW! Ariel 140cm TPE life size Sex doll by Piper doll

New Curvy body sex doll Ariel 140cm

• Material : Platinum TPE
• Height : 140cm
• Weight : 28.5kg
• Shoulder : 37cm
• Bust : 75cm (Cup-G)
• Under Bust : 51cm
• Waist : 45cm

• Hips : 85cm
• Thigh Length : 34cm
• Thigh Circumference : 48cm
• Low Leg Length : 38cm
• Calf Circumference : 30cm
• Upper Arm Length : 23cm
• Upper Arm Girth : 20cm
• Forearm Length : 20cm
• Forearm Girth : 20cm
• Feet : 18.5cm
• Depth of Oral : 12cm
• Depth of Anal : 14cm
• Depth of Vagina : 13cm
• Carton Size : 142x38x24cm

Product Description

– The doll is made of encapsulated TPE, which makes it integrated molded, soft and elastic, and feel like a real person.

– Inside the doll there is a flexible stainless steel skeleton whose maximum flexibility can reach 70% of that of a real person. It can be posed differently for use, photograph and admiration.

– Though the doll is seamless and integrated molded, it is a molded and handmade product, so to some degree, there exist signs of sprue lines on its body, during adjustment.

– Eyes of the doll can be adjusted as needed, but pay attention not to damaging the eyelashes during adjustment.

– Dolls of over 100cm in height all have mouths, vaginas and anuses three passages that can be used. Mouths and anuses are undetachable while vaginas are detachable and are divided into built-in types and insert types. But there is no difference between appearances and shapes of private parts of detachable and integrated dolls.

– It is natural that the skin surface of the doll may continuously get a little bit greasy.

– It is natural that the new doll smells slightly due to TPE characteristics. Please place the doll in where it is ventilated and the smell will disappear naturally after a period of time.

– There may be some deviation in the doll’s height, BWH measurements and other data due to different measurement methods. Please notice that the data posted on the official website is not absolute.

Treat yourself by choosing widely here.

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WE DO NOT SHIP TO : Islamic countries, India, Indonesia or Africa.

Standard body movement schemas:


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Doll4Ever Lips

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DH168 Breast options

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Doll4Ever Toenails

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DH168 Vagina type

Built in Vagina, Insert vagina

DH168 Pubic hair

Black pubic hair, Blonde pubic hair, Brown pubic hair, No pubic hair

Standing options

Non Standing model, Standing model


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Piper Doll

Free Shipping Worldwide of Life Size Love Dolls

In some countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South America import taxes might be required at delivery. We have nothing to do with this, it is required by some countries and it usually ranges from $120 to $200.

We can help and advise with customs. Countries like Canada, Germany, UK, Japan or Australia usually require the submission of a proof of payment or invoice. You can provide the confirmation email, or Paypal invoice or reach out to us and we will help you with that.

We can ship to a FedEx store or DHL for you to pick it up, instead of shipping to your place. Just let us know after placing your order and we will change the shipping address.

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As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. We will review every doll order manually to make sure that we aren’t missing any customization option, that the doll that you have built makes sense and to ensure that your love doll will satisfy your needs. Please, always reply to confirm that everything is accurate and that you did not entered the wrong details.

After confirmation we will start building or reaching out to the manufacturer to confirm that the product is available and you doll will start the manufacturing process.

If you want to change some details or customization options in your sex doll purchase please reply to the confirmation email and we will get back to you and update the order in 48h.

Order Shipment:

If you pick a custom made doll, production time is from 12 to 15 days before it ships out from the manufacturer and it usually takes another week in shipping transit (some Countries may take a bit longer). You can expect total production and shipping time for your dream doll to be approximately 3 weeks (actual time may vary depending on delivery location). As this is a custom product created just for you, once production of your custom doll has begun your order may not be cancelled for any reason.

We will send you the tracking number and please feel free to follow up with us


We ensure to provide the best customer service and we offer live and quick support through our website. Our goal is to help our clients to make their dreams come true, so please don’t hesitate to ask any questions at any time during your shopping experience or while waiting for your dream doll to arrive at your place.

Contact us at: [email protected]

We Respect Your Privacy

Your privacy is our main goal. All packages are delivered in discreet packaging; additionally, customer details are sealed within our privacy policy.

There is no specific indication or labelling on the box that reveal the contents inside.

Your doll will be labelled “mannequin” (for custom clearance).

Billing statement in your credit card will show a charge from “LSLD”.

If you do not want to receive the order at your home, we can always send it to a Fedex store (US orders) or DHL store (rest of the world) and you can pick it up there at your convenience.

Review our

Warranty & Damages:

Due to the nature of this product it is not possible for us to provide an exchange or refund as there are multiple concerns such as hygiene. Please understand that this is the normal practice within the sex dolls industry.

If your product or any part is damaged during shipping, please send photos to and we will assess the issue in order to provide the better solution (a replacement for that product or part damaged, a fixing solution or discount, it will depend on the nature of the incident.

If the problem was caused by us or our manufacturers we will take care of it.

We believe all our products are of high quality and our sex doll manufacturing partners have all been carefully screened to ensure that they can comply with the high standards we have come to expect. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction please feel free to contact us so we can do our utmost to provide any suggestions or tips that may be able to resolve the issue. We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us work with our manufacturers to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Custom dolls may not be cancelled by any reason, SALE IS FINAL. If you order has shipped, you will also be responsible for actual return shipping charges.

If we receive a Buyer’s request to cancel its order for a Product after the 72 Hour Cancellation Period, but the Seller has not yet shipped the Product to Buyer, the order will be cancelled, but will be subject to a Seller’s restocking fee (“Restocking Fee”) of twenty percent (20.0%) from the value of the Product order. We will provide to Buyer a refund of funds paid minus the Restocking Fee to the Buyer’s original payment method,

After a Product is shipped to Buyer, THE SALE IS FINAL, and it cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason.

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Coated LipsCoated LipsCoated LipsNormal LipsNormal LipsNormal Lips
Hollow BreastHollow BreastHollow BreastSolid BreastSolid BreastSolid Breast
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French Manicure Light pinkFrench Manicure Light pinkFrench Manicure Light pinkFrench Manicure NaturalFrench Manicure NaturalFrench Manicure NaturalLight pink nailsLight pink nailsLight pink nailsNatural nailsNatural nailsNatural nails
Toenails BlueToenails BlueToenails BlueToenails BrownToenails BrownToenails BrownToenails fm PinkToenails fm PinkToenails fm PinkToenails GreenToenails GreenToenails GreenToenails NaturalToenails NaturalToenails NaturalToenails PinkyToenails PinkyToenails PinkyToenails PurpleToenails PurpleToenails PurpleToenails RedToenails RedToenails Red
Built in VaginaBuilt in VaginaBuilt in VaginaInsert vaginaInsert vaginaInsert vagina
Black pubic hairBlack pubic hairBlack pubic hairBlonde pubic hairBlonde pubic hairBlonde pubic hairBrown pubic hairBrown pubic hairBrown pubic hairNo pubic hairNo pubic hairNo pubic hair
Non Standing modelNon Standing modelNon StandingStanding modelStanding modelStanding
Customs cleared for Europe and some other countries FREECustoms cleared for Europe and some other countries FREECustoms cleared For Europe and some other countries where duty tax applies is FREE NowUPS or DHL priority FREEUPS or DHL priority FREEUPS or DHL priority FREE for most of the countries including EUROPE Now


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